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Books About
Door County

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Collective authors have found inspiration in Door County itself in every genre. These titles are collected here, forming an eclectic, exciting collection.

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Door County Animals

Meet a few animals who call Door County home in this charming board book featuring whimsical illustrations and gentle rhymes.  DOOR COUNTY ANIMALS is a perfect gift for our littlest locals and visitors.

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The House That Moved:

A Door County Adventure

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Good Morning,

Door County

Children's rhyming picture book. Hardcover 32 pages. The delightful book highlights the best family-friendly activities in Door County: beaches, orchards and farm stands, lighthouses and parks. Colorful illustrations and engaging text makes this a perfect read-aloud for toddlers through age 10.

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Good Night,

Door County

This rhyming picture book highlights evening activities and favorite locations on the peninsula. Colorful illustrations and engaging text make this a great read aloud for toddlers and a favorite for families who want to remember special memories of Door County, Hardcover, 32 pages.

The story of a house who loves his family and the family who loves him right back. His love is tested when the family has to move far away (to Door County). House decides if his family can move...SO CAN HE! And that's  just what he does. 

Door County's Eagle Bluff

Lighthouse Mouse

Walter is a boy growing up at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in the 1890s. Follow him through this iconic land mark as he searches for a lost key to the lighthouse tower. Read about, Max the lighthouse mouse, who helps Walter save the day.

Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal

In Door County

Door County's Eagle Bluff

Lighthouse Hero

Twin nieces of the lighthouse caretakers visit for the summer and have adventures with Jack, the family dog who becomes a hero.

Madelyn's Magical 

Door County Balloon

Madelyn dreams of a family vacation in Door County. Her magical red balloon takes her to many special places for children and families in the county.

Willie and Charlie Larson lived with their parents in the Range Lights from 1882-1888. This is a fun adventure with the boys and their injured crow Rascal with a happy ending. 

Camden and the Cana Island Cat

In Door County

Camden visits Cana Island and takes a tour of the island and lighthouse. This fictional story of Cana Island, based on actual history, is told through the eyes of a curious and imaginative boy named Camden and his guide, Buddy, the Cana Island cat.


Silas Takes A Stand

Silas the Seagull somehow knows deep inside, that there is something wrong with the greedy behavior of all the seagulls on Anderson Dock. After a vacationing family demonstrates what they're missing, Silas sets out to start a

Gull Reformation!


The Light is Ours

Lives  intertwine in 1871-72 at Roundstone Harbor light, a fictional lighthouse set on the Door County peninsula of Lake Michigan. 


Willow Learns To Wait

Willow Learns To Wait: Willow loves exploring Peninsula State Park with her mom, but she does NOT love the times she has to spend waiting for her. When her restlessness causes her a scary misadventure, will she finally learn the importance of patience?

Lainey cover - Judy DuCharme.jpeg

Lainey of the Door Islands

Walk with Lainey into the world of Door County and its islands in the late 1800s, a time of shipwrecks, lighthouses, and strong people who never give up.  Lainey grows up in the lighthouses on Pilot and Rock Islands, facing hardship and grand adventures with grace and spunk. 

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Addy of the Door Islands

Death in Door County - Patricia Neuman.jpg

Death in Door County:

A Val & Kit Mystery

Val embarks on a Mother’s Day visit to her mom in Door County, Wisconsin, accompanied by her daughter and her BFF Kit. They have barely unpacked their suitcases when trouble greets them, in the form of death and a disturbing secret they unwittingly brought with them.

In The Unsettled

Homeland of Dreams

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 4.56.15 PM - Thomas Davis.png

In the Unsettled Homeland of Dreams tells about the escape of seven black families to Washington Island before the Civil War and what happens to those families on the island.

Addy arrives in Ephraim, WI on the orphan train steamer, but no one awaits her. Determined to care for little sister Molly, her impetuousness gets her in trouble, while feelings of abandonment stalk her heart. Will they ever have a family to love? 

T&R ebook Cover - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

Talia & Ryan's Story, a Love on the Door County Peninsula Story, 

A Door County Peninsula enemies to lovers contemporary romance novella.

Jess and Sam's Story Ebook 2 Final - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

Jess & Sam's Story, a Love on the Door County Peninsula Story

Mythos of the Door

A book of traditional poetry about the history, culture, and mythologies found in Door County Wisconsin.

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Under the Tail of the

Milky Way Galaxy

A book of poetry that evokes “intense emotion, reflection on Davis’s midwestern roots, and themes hidden in elegant, highly condensed metaphor.”

A Door County Peninsula second chance contemporary romance novella.

THE FOREST. png - Virginia Maher.png

The Forest

 Excellent and concise explanations of Door County geology, tree anatomy, tree species, lichens, ferns, moss, wildflowers and wildlife are accompanied with delightful phototgraphs taken by the author over all the seasons during the year. 

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Jacksonport Through the Generations:

Piecing Together the Butler Puzzle

The family pioneers, James and Maria Gallagher Butler, were both born in Ireland but met and married in Canada.  They immigrated to Door County in the 1870s.


Jacksonport Through the Generations: Stories From the Lakeshore Road

n the Woods: Stories from Lakeshore Road focuses on families who have resided on this .85 mile stretch since individual lots were first purchased in the 1920s.  

Remembering the Great War:

Letters From the Front


Brothers Charles and Frank Butler, who were born in Jacksonport,and brothers Joe and Frank Zatlin, who were long-time Jacksonport property owners, were soldiers at the European front during World War I.  Their letters to family at home were saved.  

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