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Press & Awards


Image courtesy Jan Wrede

Check out the press, awards, and general buzz being garnered by DCPAC authors

August 30, 2023
DC Published Authors Collective: Ann Heyse
Door County Pulse

"Ann Heyse of Baileys Harbor belongs to two book clubs and three poetry-critique groups, and she’s on the board of Write On, Door County, where she occasionally teaches classes. Heyse is a poet and children’s book author. Her new historical fiction novel, The Light is Ours, is set in Door County in 1871-72 and follows the lives of disparate characters whose lives intertwine at a lighthouse. . ."

Ann Heyse photo.jpeg

July 26, 2023
Hal Prize Nonfiction Screening Judge: Judy Ann Ritter
Door County Pulse, Peninsula Pulse

"We asked the group of local screening judges for the Hal Prize to share with readers and writers what they’re looking for when they go through submissions: Why does one piece of writing make it to the final round, but not another?"


Photo by: Rachel Lukas

March, 2023
Ethel and Thomas Davis are Named Door County's Poet Laureate
Door County Daily News

"A Sturgeon Bay couple is looking forward to serving you as the Poet Laureates of Door County for the next two years. Ethel and Tom Davis of Sturgeon Bay were jointly approved for the post at last month's Door County Board of Supervisors meeting . . ."


Feb. 16, 2023
Corey Geiger, DCPAC author and Wisconsin dairy expert, appears on  Wisconsin Foodie.

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we travel to Fort Atkinson, home of Hoard’s Dairyman to find out more about the heavily decorated St. Saviour cheese. Hoard’s Dairyman is a dairy publication that was started in 1885 by W.D Hoard and has been a staple in the dairy industry since.

Dec. 14, 2022
"Meet the 2022 Hal Prize in Fiction Winner: Dan Powers"
Door County Pulse, Peninsula Pulse

"...a few if the names will be familiar - like Sturgeon Bay resident Dan Powers, who achieved first place in the fiction category... We've included an excerpt of his winning story..."

Dan P  - Dan Powers.JPG

Dec. 14, 2022
"Meet the 2022 Hal Prize in Poetry Winner: Ann Langlois Grunseth"
Door County Pulse, Peninsula Pulse

"Annette Langlois Grunseth of Green Bay earned first place in the poetry category for her poem “Cicadas Can Reach 100 Decibels . . ."

Dec. 1, 2022
"A Life Doula's Perspective on Death."
by Sam Watson, Peninsula Pulse

"Most people prefer not to think about death, but Algoma-based life doula Marggie Moertl wants to change that. Rather than fearing death or finding it sad, she looks upon it as a joyous process that brings loved ones together and prompts self-reflection."


Nov. 22, 2022
"Book Review: The Accidental Archivist by Angela Bier"
Wendi Kromash, The Evanston Roundtable


"The Accidental Archivist is a love story, a detective story, a mystery and an exploration of how scientific advances can intrude into an ordinary life with unimaginable consequences. . ."

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