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J.B. Sensenbrenner

MBA and a graduate of Marquette University; he’s an avid outdoorsman, environmentalist, and traveler dividing his time between New Orleans and Wisconsin. His books are available at local retail outlets, the Door County Land Trust and from


CRACKED SIDEWALKS, A New Orleans Mystery

2019 Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Bruce Paul is a writer living in New Orleans’ French Quarter with his wife Carlotta. One stormy Sunday night Bruce is busy writing on his computer during a heavy rain storm. When it quits raining his wife asks him to go for a walk. He doesn’t want to, so she leaves to walk alone in the dark… and doesn’t return.


The Love of Hunting

2020, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


J.B. Sensenbrenner shares the stories of four generations of hunters and writes how their
love of the outdoors bonded them together for 75 years.

Dogging It in New Orleans

2021, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


A blinding snowstorm makes it difficult for the author and his wife to leave Wisconsin as
they drive south hoping the storm and temperatures will rise with each passing mile. The
book shares the author’s notes on what they actually experienced after moving to New

The Love of Hunting Log

2022, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Deer hunting stories are treasures that are often shared with family and friends. This book is a sighting and stories journal that hunters can write in about each hunt while in the woods or back at camp.

Outdoor Legends



OUTDOOR LEGENDS by J. B. Sensenbrenner features epic stories about the greatest hunters and outdoor men and women of all time.


Take a journey through time starting more than 6,000 years ago with Orion hunting varmints in the villages of Greece; Davy Crockett hunting bear in Tennessee before defending the Alamo; Ernest Hemingway almost dying in two plane crashes in the middle of Africa; and ending with Chuck Adams the greatest living Pope & Young record holder.


OUTDOOR LEGENDS is an entertaining and exciting read about 50 individuals who have shown the outdoors to be a great place to be.

Other Works


Numerous short stories in Badger Sportsman, Corporate Report, Deer & Deer Hunting, Appleton Post Crescent, White Tails Unlimited magazine, Wisconsin Natural Resources and several songs including “CARLOTTA, CARLOTTA” which was recorded by national recording artist Paul Sanchez.

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