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Angela Bier

Angie is a former pediatrician, mother, Wisconsinite from birth, and an accomplished amateur genealogist.  She brings these sensibilities to her writing, found most recently in The Accidental Archivist, a genealogical mystery memoir, and Bower Bird’s Blue Book, a rhyming picture book illustrated by her brother, Patrick.  She lives between Franklin and Gills Rock, Wisconsin

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The Accidental Archivist

2022, Moonshine Cove Press


Finding Kathleen’s biological father should have been easy; he was a priest somewhere in Angie’s family tree. The problem? There were seven potential priests. Family history, modern genetics, and well-kept secrets collide as Angie Bier is drawn into a search for a stranger’s birth father hidden somewhere in her own family tree. The search leads to dusty archives, clues hidden in plain sight, and the cutting edge of commercial genetic testing.



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Bower Bird's Blue Book

2022, Ingramspark Publishing

Bower birds build elaborate nests, often decorated with found objects in a single color. In this story, an enthusiastic, but misguided bower bird discovers a painter's box filled with different blue paints. He sets about trying to redecorate the entire landscape in various shades of blue, from indigo to zaffer, a different shade and subject in each stanza.  The adult reader and younger listener will both learn new words and shades of blue as the misguided bower bird ultimately learns that he can't redecorate the whole world to his liking, and that the bits of blue found naturally in the landscape are, therefore, all the more precious.

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