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Lively, lovely works for the young and the young at heart.

Bower Bird's Blue Book

 In this story, an enthusiastic, but misguided bower bird discovers a painter's box filled with different blue paints. He sets about trying to redecorate the entire landscape in various shades of blue, from indigo to zaffer.

Door County Animals

Salt Bear

A children’s novel filled with heart pounding adventures and healing.



Meet a few animals who call Door County home in this charming board book featuring
whimsical illustrations and gentle rhymes. The book also features iconic Door Peninsula
settings and scenery. Created for the 0–4 year old, DOOR COUNTY ANIMALS is a perfect gift for our littlest locals and visitors.

Unknown-1 - seasoned poetess.jpeg

Bacl to the Manger

Throughout Inga's childhood, visiting an historic Neapolitan nativity scene each Christmas was a time-honored family tradition. One year when Inga takes her own children to see it, she discovers that the creche is missing. Inga takes up the quest to find this Christmas treasure and restore a bit of holiday magic to the heart of her family, her community and the Christmas season.

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I Want a Water Buffalo

For Christmas


Doodle Love

This picture book is a happy story told in rhyme that includes all kinds of Doodles, but most of all, it’s about the love and joy dogs bring into our lives. It is wonderfully illustrated by Wisconsin artist Molly Johnson. You’ll learn characteristics of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, Cockapoos and Yorkipoos, Whoodles, and Schnoodles and more!

GMDC Cover - Ann Heyse.jpg

Good Morning,

Door County

Children's rhyming picture book. Hardcover 32 pages. The delightful book highlights the best family-friendly activities in Door County: beaches, orchards and farm stands, lighthouses and parks. Colorful illustrations and engaging text makes this a perfect read-aloud for toddlers through age 10.

This book, geared to the elementary age, is all about giving . . . and LeGory is right in the middle of it. Join the journeys of LeGory, Emma, and Talia to discover a miracle. Complete with vocabulary, discussion questions, and places to give. Winner of three awards.

croppedcover - Ann Heyse.jpg

Good Night,

Door County

Good Night, Door County is a place where memories are made. This rhyming picture book highlights evening activities and favorite locations on the peninsula. Colorful illustrations and engaging text make this a great read aloud for toddlers and a favorite for families who want to remember special memories of Door County, Hardcover, 32 pages.


Door County's Eagle Bluff

Lighthouse Mouse

Walter is a boy growing up at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in the 1890s. Follow him through this iconic land mark as he searches for a lost key to the lighthouse tower. Read about, Max the lighthouse mouse, who helps Walter save the day. Selected for first Children’s Book Trail to be read April 30, 2022 in Murphy County Park. 

Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal

in Door County

Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal Cover.png

Willie and Charlie Larson lived with their parents in the Range Lights from 1882-1888. This is a fun adventure with the boys and their injured crow Rascal with a happy ending. 

Door County's Eagle Bluff 

Lighthouse Hero

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Hero cover - Copy.jpg

Twin nieces of the lighthouse caretakers visit for the summer and have adventures with Jack, the family dog who becomes a hero.

Madelyn's Magical 

Door County Balloon

Madelyn dreams of a family vacation in Door County. Her magical red balloon takes her to many special places for children and families in the county.

Cana Island Book Cover.png

Camden and the Cana Island Cat

In Door County

Gladys Sings

The story of a hen who has a very big imagination. Instead of doing what ordinary chickens do, like clucking and laying eggs, Gladys prefers to sing; and not just ordinary singing either but note for note arias and operettas! Gladys refuses to be limited by her feathers.  Gladys introduces children, ages 2-8, to the concept of self-actualization, of believing in yourself and all that you can become.

Elwood the Moose

The story of a young moose who leaves his friends and family for a life of independence and adventure in the great wilderness. Only after many perilous encounters does he discover that the best adventures in life are the ones you spend with the people you love. Elwood introduces children, ages 2-8, to the importance of nurturing a close relationship with family and friends.

In our story, “Camden and the Cana Island Cat (in Door County),” Camden visits Cana Island and takes a tour of the island and lighthouse. This fictional story of Cana Island, based on actual history, is told through the eyes of a curious and imaginative boy named Camden and his guide, Buddy, the Cana Island cat.

The House that Moved

A Door County Adventure

The story of a house who loves his family and the family who loves him right back. His love is tested when the family has to move far away (to Door County). House decides if his family can move...SO CAN HE! And that's  just what he does. House is a delightful and humorous look at the topic of change. For children ages 2-8.

Hurrying Worrying Henry

Henry the hamster worries a lot. His mind usually rushes right to the worst possibility in every situation. Can a close call, caused by his fear, help him realize that constant worry is no way to live? Based on a true story about a hamster who got lost in a refrigerator!

No Chocolate For Sammy

Sammy the dashchund loves people food and does just about anything to get it. His master enjoys spoiling him, but chocolate isn't allowed. Sammy can't understand why his master says it's not good for him. Does his master really know what's best?

Chessa's Terrible Temper

Chessa the cat lives in a loving home, but her growing bad Temper has started to be a real problem. What will it take for her to realize that she doesn't have to give in to her angry impulses?

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