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Ann Linquist

Linquist grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in a family of four girls, all of whom became writers.  The family frequently vacationed at LeClair's Cottages in Jacksonport.  She currently lives on 13.5 acres of woods and meadows outside Fish Creek.  
Her books are available for sale at


The Old Powers (Prequel to The Glory Rites)  

2018 Kindle Direct Publishing

A fantasy novel tracing the evolution of magic power as it affects two powerful families: 
the royal house of Neoull and a line of sorcerers dating back to the times before history.

The Glory Rites

2019  Kindle Direct Publishing

A fantasy novel that explores the relationship between magical power and religion. Follow
the tribal herding culture of Glini warriors who invade the decadent empire of Neoull.


Beginning Writers Workbook November 2022  

Kindle Direct Publishing

A nonfiction workbook to help beginning writers explore what writing means to them as they develop their skills through practice, play, exercises, experimentation, and exploration.  Based on the online course "Beginning Writers Worksop" offered through from 2004-2017 to tens of thousands of beginning writers worldwide.

Other Works

Linquist has written the course material for and teaches two online writing course through Ed2Go:   Effective Business Writing and Writing Essentials: A Back-to-Basics Review. In addition she has had a poem (Duck Pond, 2014) and a short piece (Greta Contemplates the Infinite, 2014) published in the Peninsula Pulse.  She maintains an interactive blog at "Ann Linquist Writes and You Can Too" where she shares writing challenges for ex-students and anyone who stops by.  She has taught writing workshops around the state including:  

  • Writing a Short Creative Piece 

  • Creativity Skills for Writers

  • Journal Writing:  Letting the Inside Out

  • Newsletter Writing

  • Effective Business Writing

  • Back to Basics Writing Workshop

  • Organization Skills

  • Project Management

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