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J.K. Palmer

J.K. Palmer has written four children’s books, Elwood the Moose, Gladys Sings, The
House that Moved, and Sweet Dreams From Door County.
In her books, she seeks to creatively engage children, and the adults in their lives, with
delightfully captivating story lines and subtle concepts of courage, acceptance, and the
power of love.

Palmer’s career as a therapist and writer of the human condition has spanned over 40
years. She earned her master’s degree in Mental Health and has worked in various
settings in the field of psychology. Palmer was a featured writer with several
regional newspapers throughout the Midwest and has conducted numerous seminars
and workshops around the subjects of brain science, personality, and how to just get
along in this world.

J.K. Palmer lives in Door County, WI with her husband in a log cabin in the woods. She
enjoys all things nature.

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Gladys Sings

2014, Timberhouse Publishing

Most things are possible if we only dare to imagine. 

Gladys Sings is the story of a hen who has a very big imagination. And even though she meets with the disapproval of the other hens, she continues to pursue her rather odd dream, by chicken standards, of one day becoming an opera singer.
With the love and support of her community, her courage and confidence grows...
and Gladys achieves more than she ever thought possible.
Suitable for ages 3-8. Available on Amazon


Elwood the Moose  

2019, Timberhouse Publishing

Sometimes the simple things in life end up becoming the most treasured.

Elwood the Moose is the story of a young moose who leaves his family and friends for a life of independence and adventure in the great wilderness. Only after many perilous encounters does he discover that the best adventures in life are the ones we have with those we love.
Suitable for ages 3-8 Available on Amazon

The House That Moved-

A Door County Adventure

2021, Timberhouse Publishing

Change doesn't have to be scary. Many times it holds secret delights and magical moments.

The House that Moved is the story of a family that loved their house and the house that loved them right back. Their devotion to one another was so strong that not even a separation would keep them apart. Suitable for ages 2-8. Available through the author's facebook page and by contacting her at

Sweet Dreams From Door County 

2024, Timberhouse Publishing 


This delightful book showcases seven of Palmer’s unique stories designed for young readers ages six to eleven and promises to spark imagination and inspire each to embark on an unforgettable adventure. In Sweet Dreams From Door County  readers will meet all of Palmer’s favorite characters, from a curious moose to a chicken that sings; a boy with magic boots, a cave dweller wannabe, a water droplet on a long journey, an ambitious young Maple tree, and a house that longs for its lost family. Each tale weaves concepts of friendship, belief in self, care for the environment, courage, and the value of love and community.

With Palmer’s gift of prose and enchanting illustrations by Emily Purdy and Dezaray LeRoy, graduates from Southern Door High School,  Sweet Dreams From Door County transports children to a whimsical world where anything is possible and every page is brimming with new adventures.

Other Works

Former columnist for: Kane County Chronical, and the Door County Advocate
Manuscripts: Little Maple, Dudley Droplet, The Happy Prince
Song Lyrics: "My Door County Home"

Currently working on: Biographical novel The Half Moon- The life and Legacy of Leathem D. Smith

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