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Julie L. House

Julie is a pastor's wife, mother of 5, grandma of 2 and has been involved in kids ministry for over 30 years. She loves to write stories, children's plays and songs and enjoys painting and most of all spending time with her family. She and her husband Pastor Ed House live in Door County, WI.

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Hurrying Worrying Henry

2020, Julie House Publishing

Henry the hamster worries a lot. His mind usually rushes right to the worst possibility in every situation. Can a close call, caused by his fear, help him realize that constant worry is no way to live? Based on a true story about a hamster who got lost in a refrigerator!

No Chocolate For Sammy

2020, Julie House Publishing

Sammy the dashchund loves people food and does just about anything to get it. His master enjoys spoiling him, but chocolate isn't allowed. Sammy can't understand why his master says it's not good for him. Does his master really know what's best? No Chocolate for Sammy Started as a bedtime story made up on the fly...based on our mini dashchund "Sammy" who did like people food and figured out sneaky ways to get it! Little ones love the unfolding drama, and relate to the step by step temptation of wanting treats they're
not supposed to have!

Chessa's Terrible Temper

2020, Julie House Publishing

Chessa the cat lives in a loving home, but her growing bad Temper has started to be a real problem. What will it take for her to realize that she doesn't have to give in to her angry impulses? Chessa's Terrible Temper is based on the true story of a friend's cat "Chessa" who really did tip over a water bottle and scratch her protest a visiting dog! Little Ones love following the conflict and seeing how chessa learns to get ahold of her anger!

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