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Jane Hensge

Born into a family of grocers, my first job when I was twelve was a checkout girl although once in a while I had to work in the butcher shop. My work with my parents was the very best job ever. It taught me all about people. After college, I worked in my chosen profession of medical laboratory technologist. My most interesting job was working in the tissue typing laboratory at the University of Illinois. It was somewhat early in the medical research and I did
everything. Again I learned so much. So good! Life took a turn in my forties and I held two jobs supporting my kids part time at the local hospital laboratory and what a surprise, real estate the fall back for so many women in their forties. Again gaining success and learning a great deal. I now live on the shores of Lake Michigan in the best place ever, Door County, WI. I write a lot and I have published my first book, Do Over In Pearl Center and working on a
second. I don’t like to sound redundant, but I am still learning and still loving it.




It is a lighthearted tale of a woman whose life is changed dramatically by a divorce. Stuff
happens. She is ready for an adventure, although she never imagined it would take place in her old Iowa hometown on the Mississippi River and in the towns of Door County. It is a happy book with a good story filled with determination, humor, friendship, romance, and mystery.

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