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Works encompassing such genres as literary fiction, mystery, fantasy, historical, and more!

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Salt Bear

A children’s novel filled with heart pounding adventures and healing.

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Inside the Blowholes

An adventure story about dragons and young love. Only available through Kindle.

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The Alkali Cliffs

An environmental novel set in Delta Colorado.

In The Unsettled

Homeland of Dreams

In the Unsettled Homeland of Dreams tells about the escape of seven black families to Washington Island before the Civil War and what happens to those families on the island.

Apples for the

Wild Stallion

A novel about a teenager with severe autism whose life is changed when he sees a white stallion in New Mexico's Zuni Mountains.

Society of the


In a futuristic, somewhat allegorical setting, young people learn to survive in a culture set on retraining or destroying them. With Grandfather’s help at his home high on a bluff, they learn to be strong within and set about freeing those caught up in the web of the watchers. 

Run with the Wind

Linney lives in Florida scrub assisting her Pa in raising cattle. The new cowman, Cyrus, appreciates the chance to start over. Marrying holds no interest for either, but then, just before Christmas, they find themselves fighting to save the life of a calf.

Christmas Ivy

Ivy's grandparents passed away, but in the family kitchen on Christmas morning, they greet her with the same love and sage advice she'd always known. Could this strange visit truly be the provision for which she longed? Winner of three awards.

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Blood Moon Redemption

An ancient relic, a puzzling prophecy, and a young woman tied together through the ages . . . riveting, current, historical, and prophetic. Tassie, doesn’t have time for family legends. Dismissive of the blood moons, she finds herself in the center of worldwide turmoil and a terrorist plot. 

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Lainey of the Door Islands

Walk with Lainey into the world of Door County and its islands in the late 1800s, a time of shipwrecks, lighthouses, and strong people who never give up. Like an Anne of Green Gables, Lainey grows up in the lighthouses on Pilot and Rock Islands, facing hardship and grand adventures with grace and spunk. 

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Addy of the Door Islands

Addy arrives in Ephraim, WI on the orphan train steamer, but no one awaits her. Determined to care for little sister Molly, her impetuousness gets her in trouble, while feelings of abandonment stalk her heart. Will they ever have a family to love? Will they ever know what happened to their first parents? 

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A Minor - A Novel of Love, Music & Memory 

In this musical tale of love and loss, teenage piano prodigy Clive Serkin faces the prospect of performing at the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition without his beloved mentor and teacher, Clare Cardiff who has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. 

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How Long A Shadow

How Long A Shadow interweaves Chicago history with two generations of Cullerton men as they struggle with the shadowy influences of their personal and family history. The story explores fatherhood and the question “Is Genealogy Destiny?”

Do Over in Pearl Center

It is a lighthearted tale of a woman whose life is changed dramatically by a divorce. Stuff
happens. She is ready for an adventure, although she never imagined it would take place in her old Iowa hometown on the Mississippi River and in the towns of Door County. 

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The Old Powers

(Prequel to The Glory Rites)

A fantasy novel tracing the evolution of magic power as it affects two powerful families: 
the royal house of Neoull and a line of sorcerers dating back to the times before history.

The Glory Rites


A fantasy novel that explores the relationship between magical power and religion. Follow
the tribal herding culture of Glini warriors who invade the decadent empire of Neoull.

The Disappearance of Mavis Woodstock, A Val & Kit Mystery

Mavis Woodstock insists she has to sell her house as quickly as possible, but then doesn’t keep her scheduled appointment. When Val and Kit cannot locate Mavis, they begin an investigation, encountering along the way a little romance, a lot of deception, and more than one unsavory character.

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The Murder of Susan Reed,

A Val & Kit Mystery

Kit suspects her husband Larry of having an affair with one of his employees, Susan Reed. The morning after a little stalking expedition by lifelong friends Val and Kit, Val reads in the newspaper that Susan was found shot to death right around the time Kit was certain Larry was with Susan. 

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Death in Door County,

A Val & Kit Mystery

Val embarks on a Mother’s Day visit to her mom in Door County. They have barely unpacked their suitcases when trouble greets them, in the form of death and a disturbing secret they unwittingly brought with them.

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Lethal Property,

A Val & Kit Mystery

Val is busy selling real estate, eager to take a potential buyer to visit the home of a widow living alone. He turns out not to be all that he claimed, and a string of grisly events follows, culminating in a perilous situation for Val. 

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Palm Desert Killing,

A Val & Kit Mystery

When Val receives a mysterious letter, she and Kit begin to unravel a sordid story that spans a continent and reaches back decades. It also takes them to Palm Desert, California, a paradise of palm trees, mountains, blue skies . . . and now murder. 

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Foreign Relations,

A Val & Kit Mystery

Knowing People 500 for Kindle - Patricia Neuman.jpg

Knowing People,

A Val & Kit Mystery

Without leaving their Chicago suburb, Val and Kit manage to go global as they become unwittingly embroiled in a deadly intrigue when Val’s brother Buddy shows up. The retired Navy officer comes with secrets that both tantalize and terrify his little sister. 

Dressing MyselfVintageChocoalateBlur500IMPROVED - Patricia Neuman.jpg

Dressing Myself

Meet Jessie Harleman in this contemporary women’s novel about love, lust, friends, and family.  This novel explores growth and change and new beginnings.

Val and Kit visit the bucolic English village where Val’s actress daughter and son-in-law are temporarily living. The harmony of the village is soon broken, however, by the vicious murder of one of their new friends. 

How Long a Shadow

The story interweaves Chicago history with two generations of Cullerton men as they struggle with the shadowy influences of their father/grandfather. The story explores fatherhood and the question “Is Genealogy Destiny?”

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Cracked Sidewalks

A New Orleans Mystery

Visions From

Two Continents

An action packed historical fiction biography of Australia/American artist Sheila Buchanan Buell. It tells the stuggles of women in Australia and America from 1912 to 1955, with an afterword bringing it up to the 1998. It contains footnotes to document what is fiction and what isn't.


The Light is Ours

A ship captain with a troubled past. A former slave who fits nowhere. A young woman recovering from tragedy. A wealthy but unethical businessman. All these lives intertwine in 1871-72 at Roundstone Harbor light, a fictional lighthouse set on the Door County peninsula of Lake Michigan. 

Covert Exposure

A Nick Spinelli Mystery

Spinelli is a hardened homicide detective.
Shannon is a do-gooder social worker.
When their worlds collide, more than murder is exposed.

Craving Vengeance

A Nick Spinelli Mystery

Crazed Reckoning

A Nick Spinelli Mystery

He’s an alpha detective on a mission to claim his love interest. She’s fighting for her freedom. With Spinelli at her side, will Shannon beat this decades-old family feud?

The Code Enforcer, A Crime & Passion Stalk City Hall Mystery

Bryce is a Marine hiding his career-ending injury. Markie is a Police Investigator hardened by her past. Can these two overcome their painful pasts—and a murder investigation—to find happiness together?

Alpha detectives shouldn’t have to dress as cupid. Social workers generally aren’t murder suspects. But, here Nick and Shannon are racing to catch a killer before…

A Brush With Death, A Crime & Passion Stalk City Hall Mystery

Cori’s experience with men leaves her untrusting. To prove his undying love and loyalty, Ben will risk sacrificing her trust.
Is this second chance at love a possibility?

A Fraudulent Encounter, A Crime & Passion Stalk City Hall Mystery

Out of nowhere, love knocks, but can their relationship survive a financial fraud investigation?

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Taken By Surprise

A steamy friends to lovers romantic suspense novel.

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Unforseen Obsessions

A steamy friends to lovers romantic suspense novel.

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Missing the Crown Jewels,

A Crown Ranch novel

A Steamy friends to lovers romantic suspense novel.

Missing Out On Life - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

Missing Out on Life,

A Crown Ranch novel

A steamy enemies to lovers romantic suspense novel.

Missing Evidence eBook - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

Missing Evidence,

A Crown Ranch novel

A steamy instalove romantic suspense novel.

Plan Interrupted

PI Final - Valerie Clarizio.png

A steamy enemies to lovers romance novel.

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Time WARped, 

A Proserver & Protector novel

Romancing destiny one moment-war at a time. A steamy time travel romance novel.

Destiny Reclaimed eBook - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

Destiny Reclaimed,

A Preserver & Protector novel

Preserving destiny is hard, reclaiming it is near impossible. A steamy time travel romance.

Family Forever eBook - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

Family Forever

A steamy neighbors to lovers contemporary romance novel.

Love Thaws A Frozen Heart

LTFH ebook 2 Final 3 - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

A steamy Christmas contemporary romance novella.

T&R ebook Cover - Valerie Clarizio.jpg

Talia & Ryan's Story, a Love on the Door County Peninsula Story