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Sammi Rae

Sammi Rae is a Wisconsin Native, growing up on a farm in Oshkosh and now residing in Door County who believes in the “the five-minute moments” that make up life, form and create our lives. No matter whether these moments come from the joys or pains of life, from war time to sunsets over the harbor... She writes with inspiration, clarity and healing in the words written on paper while leaving the open interpretation for the reader. Both of her books have Poetry paired with Photography inspire both the visual and intellectual.

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The Door in Motion 

2017, Christian Faith Publishing

Anyone who has been blessed to experience Door County have seen many of these moments brought to life in photography and can truly identify with the words written about all aspects of life including the beauty in a Door County . The poetry is written for everyone touching on the joys and pains of life we all walk through, while the details may be different we all experience life and all it has to offer. You will be taken on a journey, from beauty and innocence, to nature and love, while walking through sadness and healing in life’s toughest moments and back again to joy and laughter. For life is truly found in each moment we are given.

The poetry are many years of inspiration now paired with photography. The poems were written without a photo in mind and the same can be said for the collection of photos connected to the written words. I describe my poetry as writings of the human experience, for I write with purity of heart. My wish for you is to take a journey of your own to your favorite places, and moments of happiness and healing through the words and photos collected here.

The Door Wide Open 

2019, Pickles to Poetry


I have always believed and hold in my heart, when something looks good it will taste good. Whether looking at a plate of food, or a piece art that holds us captive. We are human and it is our nature to be drawn to pretty things. In my last adventure, each jar of pickles was to be packed to perfection. First capturing the eye and once you snapped that first bite, richness of flavor kept people coming back again and again.
I have carried this forward the pairing of poetry and photography once again, complimenting each other on the palate of life.
“The Door Wide Open” is written with depth and lightness in life’s transitions, big and small. from a 14-year-old wishing to be seen and heard to the widow not wanting to be seen. With nature love and laughter along the way. For life is held in these moments, life does not “get in the way” or “just happen” we are alive in each second of every day.


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