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Phyllis Zatlin

Phyllia Zatlin was born in Green Bay but identifies with Jacksonport, for generations home of her mother’s family. She received her Ph.D. in Romance Languages from the University of Florida and taught for 45 years at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey where she wrote scholarly articles, wrote and edited numerous books,and translated plays from Spanish and French, most of which have been staged and.or published. Since retiredment in 2008, she has published books for the Jacksonport Historical Society and ESTRENO Studies. Some of her books are in the Write On, Door County library.


Piecing Together the Butler Puzzle. Jacksonport Through the Generations, Vol. Eight.

JHS, 2008

Piecing Together the Butler Puzzle is Volume 8 in the Jacksonport Historical Society’s series “Jacksonport Through the Generations.”  The family pioneers, James and Maria Gallagher Butler, were both born in Ireland but met and married in Canada.  They immigrated to Door County in the 1870s.  The home they built in West Jacksonport, along with other family homesteads, is still in use.  James and Maria had eleven children.  Their oldest son, Thomas and his German-born wife, Mary Gaeth, raised a family of thirteen in Jacksonport on a farm on Junction Road.  Later Thomas and Mary moved to the house surrounded by a white picket fence that stands in the center of the village on highway 57.  Photographs dating as far back as 1891 as well as research and memories from many many family members collaborated in helping Phyllis Zatlin assemble the Butler puzzle pieces.

In the Woods. Stories from Lakeshore Road.  Jacksonport Through the Generations,  Vol. Nine.

JHS, 2011

In the Woods: Stories from Lakeshore Road focuses on families who have resided on this .85 mile stretch since individual lots were first purchased in the 1920s.  Stories are grouped thematically in ten chapters that range from the difficulties of coping with primitive cabins in the early years to the professions and avocations of those who now live on the road or did so in the past.  The book includes numerous black and white photos, two colored ones of current residents, a fold-out map of the road with fire numbers, and an index of proper names.  The author, Phyllis Zatlin, is daughter of two of the original lot owners.

Remembering the Great War:

Letters From the Front.

JHS, 2015

Brothers Charles and Frank Butler, who were born in Jacksonport, and brothers Joe and Frank Zatlin, who were long-time Jacksonport property owners, were soldiers at the European front during World War I.  Their letters to family at home were saved by Ellen Butler Zatlin, who united the two families through her marriage to Frank Zatlin in 1921.  The letters were not discovered until the summer of 2013; they had been stored in a cottage attic on Lakeshore Road.  Following her careful reading of the yellowed and tattered letters, Phyllis Zatlin has woven together the stories told by her father Frank Zatlin and her uncles.



various, University of Southern Indiana

Play translations published by ESTRENO available via ESTRENO Plays website; those include nos. 1, 6, 12, 29 and 30 in the series.

Other Works


Play translations from French and Spanish available on The Mercurian online theatrical journal include: Bouchaud. Is That How It Was? 1.1 (2007);
Semprun-Maura. Brandy Blues. 2.3 (2010); Nieva, It's Not True. 3.3 (2011); Osorio and Pascual, Little Girl My Little Girl.  8.3 (2021).

OTHER WORKS: Several of my scholarly books are available at Amazon and elsewhere. The best known internationally is Theatrical Translation and Film Adaptation: A Practitioner's View. (2005)

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