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Kevin O'Donnell

Kevin O’Donnell is an award-winning author and professional photographer, a YouTube content creator, a master story-teller, and a year-round resident of Door County. Retired since 2018 as a principal engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, his 37-year career led to considerable international travel. This kindled his interest in photography, and expanded his world view, exposing him to an assortment of cultures, traditions, histories, and landscapes throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, about which he has written and photographed extensively.

O’Donnell has written for several industry trade magazines and has two previous books: “Fadó—a memoir of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (Xlibris) and “Cold Chain Chronicles—a practitioners outside-the-box perspectives on the importance of temperature- sensitive drug stewardship” (DHI publishing), which won “international author of the year award” from the Parenteral Drug Association. The book is used in academia by pharmacy
schools, the World Health Organization, and throughout the pharmaceutical industry as a guide to vaccine quality management.

In support of his latest book project, O’Donnell launched a self-produced YouTube channel in 2021. “Behind The Door with Kevin O’Donnell” is part adventure vlog, part photographer’s workshop, and part history lesson. Each episode weaves a story of the diverse richness and beauty of the Door peninsula. Select episodes are referenced with a QR code throughout his

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Behind The Door: Profiles of a Peninsula

2024, Glenham Publishing

Derived from the author’s decades of experience as an award-winning author and photographer, Behind The Door: Profiles of a Peninsula captures not only the unique light of the Door peninsula’s landscape, but the brilliance of its people. The large format, 184-page, beautifully bound hard-cover book, contains 144 photographs complemented by 29 essays and poems exploring the area’s history, culture, traditions and people. From “The Work We Embrace” through to “The Life We Live”, each chapter gently pulls at the delicate threads that have contributed to the creation and continued evolution of the peninsula’s most uncommon tapestry.

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