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Corey Geiger

Known to friends as the Dancing Dairyman, Corey Geiger danced his way onto Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey, Texas Two Stepped on the colored shavings during the Supreme Champion ceremonies at the 2018 World Dairy Expo and competed at the Fred Astaire National Finals where he and his wife Krista Knigge won top amateur couple honors. Corey has served on the Hoard’s Dairyman editorial team since 1995 and has been the lead editor for the past decade. In 2018, he spearheaded the effort that brought Hoard’s
Dairyman China to the marketplace joining its English, Japanese and Spanish editions. Corey is President of Holstein USA and serves on the board of directors for World Dairy Expo and the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding. He was fundraising co-chair for the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, a $13.5 million educational facility located near Manitowoc, Wis. Corey has spoken in Canada, China, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and 20 U.S. states. He is the sixth generation to manage his family’s 376-acre dairy farm.
His books are available at Arcadia and The History Press,, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and over 110 bookstores and retailers throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.


On a Wisconsin Family Farm: Historic Tales of Character, Community and Culture

2021 The History Press


224 pages and 77 images. In the first nine months, copies sold to all 50 states and six countries. This book flings the barn doors wide open to a cast of characters who built America’s Dairyland. A maternal maverick, Anna Satorie, went against cultural norms and became the sole owner of her family’s homestead in 1905. The next year, she married John Burich and the couple went about building a thrifty family farm. Pioneer life was fraught with trials and tribulations such as polio and tuberculosis, which claimed loved ones, and at one point the fabricated death of a bootlegging brother turned gangsters away from the farm. Neighbors pitched in as the immigrant class aided one another to construct farmsteads and support one another through unsanctioned bank loans, daring dynamite work, and barn raising. This community also threw parties met by the rooster’s early-dawn crow.

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The Wisconsin Farm They Built: Tales of Family & Fortitude

2023, The History Press

Corey Geiger, international agricultural journalist and author of On a Wisconsin Family Farm, pairs his rural roots and lively storytelling talents to capture six generations of life in America’s Dairyland. After his mother Anna was killed by a train, Elmer Pritzl was thrown into adulthood at the tender age of sixteen. A clever and crafty fellow, Elmer quickly found work at the local foundry. Promoted to foreman by age eighteen, he began supervising men double and even triple his age during the depths of the Great Depression. However, that professional career track ended abruptly five years later when Elmer fell in love with a farmer’s daughter, Julia Burich. Six months after their wedding, Julia’s father passed away, and with no living male relatives left in her life, Julia’s mother, Anna Burich, asked, “Elmer, will you run my farm?” So, Elmer, born a city boy, transformed his life and began a love affair with a Wisconsin family farm.

Other Works

include We Need a Show: The World’s Greatest Dairy Show 2015 W.D. Hoard and Sons Company, Fort Atkinson, Wis. 214 pages, 200 color images. The rallying cry "We need a show" was the first step of a fifty-year journey that led to World Dairy Expo. Over 2,500 copies of the book have been sold.
This book is also available at

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