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Laura Lee Lotto

Laura Lee Lotto is a busy entrepreneur, mother, and wife who has found great freedom and healing within words. In 2022 she finally found herself writing and publishing those words after years of craving, by investing in a 6 month technical writing program. She co-wrote Dare to Express, an Amazon best-selling book of bold and vulnerable stories by brave women who have dared to share pivotal parts of their lives. During that time she also wrote and published a series of workbooks called Elemental Emotions: An Astrological Exploration in Self Care. Her next project, released in Spring 2023, will be a collaboration with her son Elliott, entitled “We Had A Baby At Home: And other ways families welcome new babies”. Also in Spring, she and her husband Phillip will welcome their 5th child to the world.

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Dare to Express

2022, Creatrix Publishing

Dare to Express is a collection of bold and vulnerable stories by brave women who have dared to share a personal and pivotal part of their life with you. It is our shared intention that these words land as resonant moments of wisdom and refreshing bits of truth, from our hearts to yours. We believe that if you desire to live a life of personal power and freedom, we must first have the courage to shed light on our darkest life moments.

From heartbreak to mental and physical health recovery to challengin
g family dynamics, and everything in between, each author has bared her soul so that you, our reader, may find your own healing journey. We invite you to awaken your innate joy and spiritual clarity, to discover the brightest version of yourself, and to live your life with a focus on purpose.

Diving into this book will feel like you’ve traveled into a cozy living room full of girlfriends recounting their wildest life experiences, divulging their most astounding plot twists, and swapping lessons from all of the professed chaos. So grab a cup of tea, light some candles and palo santo, and join us for a rich and captivating storytelling experience.

Elemental Emotions: An Astrological Exploration in Self Care

Elemental Emotions: An Astrological Exploration in Self Care is a new approach to creating awareness around and addressing emotional challenges. The emotional struggles we face in the 21st century are intense and have roots that go deep. Within this journal you will find a comprehensive and easy to follow guide that will start you on your path to breaking through the stigma of feelings, dealing with emotional challenges, and creating awareness around traumas.

Going beyond the traditional Sun Sign, this journal takes a step further and explores our Moon Sign and the element it is in. The moon is changeable and switches signs every two days, so having a Natal or Birth chart is crucial to finding your Moon's location.

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