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Barbara Loeb, M.D.

For over 40 years, Dr. Barbara Loeb dedicated her life to caring for others, but often lost sight of her own need for self-care. During her healthcare career she worked as a primary care physician, a consultant, and an organizational leader. No matter what her role was, she observed the same challenges among her physician and non-physician colleagues. These included fatigue, lack of self-care, and burnout. To provide herself with a greater measure of healing, she developed her own restorative ritual, which combines mindfulness, writing, and building deeper connections with both her patients and colleagues. In her first book “How to Save a Life:  Healing Power of Poetry,” Dr. Loeb utilizes the principles of presence, reflection, self-awareness, and compassion to create poetry which takes us along on her healer’s journey. Her ultimate aim is to inspire her readers to reflect on their own path to well-being through self-expression. Dr. Loeb now focuses on writing, mindfulness and promoting the humanities in medicine.


How to Save a Life: Healing Power of Poetry

2021 Mind2Heal 

Collection of Poems written during the COVID-19 pandemic and illustrated by the author’s late mother Judy “Salsa” Loeb. Written with three intentions: 1) as a legacy for future generations 2) as an expression of the author’s self-healing journey 3) as an invitation to others to connect with and express their own healing creativity.

Reflections on Medicine and Humanity: Prose, Poetry and Art

2022, MAVEN Project

The prose, poetry and artworks in this collection provide a glimpse into the lives and experiences of volunteer physicians who work with MAVEN Project, a nonprofit Telehealth organization which provides support to partner clinics that care for underserved populations. These physicians came together as a community because of their shared mission of contributing their skills and knowledge to be part of the solution to health care inequity.

Other Works

Barbara is working on a book related to Narrative Medicine; What it is, its importance in healthcare and how to start your own a group.

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