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Ethel Mortenson Davis

Studied art as an art major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Helped edit both the Bramble literary journal and Wisconsin Fellowship of Poet’s 2023 Calendar. Participates in the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, Door County Poets’ Collective, Dickenson Poetry Series, and Unabridged. Works with Thomas Davis on Four Windows Press, which has published both art and poetry in anthologies, literary journals, online publications, and magazines.
Has shown her art in small galleries.


A Gatherer


Includes both poetry and reproductions of twelve abstract pastels.

Under the Tail of the Milky Way Galaxy


Named an Outstanding Book of Poetry by a Wisconsin Poet by the Wisconsin Library

Here We Breath In Sky

And Out Sky


Poems from the years I lived in Continental Divide, New Mexico.

The Healer


A small chapbook of poems around the theme of healing, including the title poem, “The

White Ermine Across Her Shoulders

2011 iUniverse Press

Set in the high desert of New Mexico, “evoking pinion trees, mountains, and the Native,
Latino, and Anglo residents.” A book that influenced several New Mexico poets.

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