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Our members publish in areas ranging from legal theory, to memoir, to personal growth.

The Accidental Archivist

Family history, modern genetics, and well-kept secrets collide as Bier is drawn into a search for a stranger’s birth father hidden somewhere in her own family tree. The search leads to dusty archives, clues hidden in plain sight, and the cutting edge of commercial genetic testing.

Following My Path

Striving for Justice & Social Change

This book details the life of my sister-in-law, who was an activist, campaigning for positive political and social change. She was diagnosed with ALS at the young age of thirty-eight.  

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A Year Aboard Sankaty

Judy and Markus of Sturgeon Bay, WI gave up their conventional lifestyle when they retired to spend a year living aboard a 36-foot sailboat seaworthy enough for traveling on the ocean. 

Combat and Campus:

Writing Through War

Correspondence between Vietnam veteran and his sister plus her poetry offer a uniqueperspective of the war in Vietnam and social change happening at home. Together, theyshare what was learned and what was lost.

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Milwaukee Ghosts & Legends

Tour guide and founder of Gothic Milwaukee Anna Lardinois shares the spine-tingling tales of the Beer City's famous, and not so famous, specters and legends.

Getting Beyond Abuse and Codependency to Achieve a Lasting Relationship

An eye opening fast moving memoir of a complicated life searching for truth. It is a tribute to the resiliency of a marriage. To say that love endures all things is not enough. This story shows this with clear understandable examples.

Sally: A Memoir

 Marggie shares this very personal memoir of her family life, her mother’s declining years, and the sacred space that she held for her mother on during her final hours. Sally: A Memoir demonstrates Marggie’s daily use of meditative journaling to help her to deal with the deeply emotional journey that she was walking during this time.

Life As A Prayer

The story of Marggie’s spiritual transformation during her many years as a hospice nurse.  Life as a Prayer is an invitation into a deep inner awareness developed through meditation and journaling. It brings the life lessons of the dying into the light of a life lived fully in mindfulness and presence throughself discovery and emotional honesty.

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Storied & Scandalous Wisconsin: A History of Mischief and Menace, Heroes and Heartbreak 

True, shocking tales from Wisconsin's seamy past.

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BRAVE LOVE 365: Daily Inspiration, Validation, and Support for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Relationships

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Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes: Tragedies and Legacies from the Inland Seas

The tales, all true and well-documented, feature some of the most notable tragedies on each of the lakes. Included in many of these tales are legends of ghost ship sighting, ghostly shipwreck victims still struggling to get to shore, and other chilling lore.

Reflections on Medicine

and Humanity

This collection of prose, poetry and artworks provides a glimpse into the life experiences of MAVEN Project volunteer physicians; what they have learned and want to share with others.  

Brave Love 365 is a book that offers you support and validation every day, which is critical when you're reeling from the effects of narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships. 

On a Wisconsin Family Farm: Historic Tales of Character, Community and Culture

This book flings the barn doors wide open to a cast of characters who built America’s Dairyland. 


The Olly Neal Story

The Wisconsin Farm They Built: Tales of Family & Fortitude

Corey Geiger pairs his rural roots and lively storytelling talents to capture six generations of life in America’s Dairyland.

Following My Path:

Striving for Justice & Social Change

This book details the life of my sister-in-law, who was an activist, campaigning for positive political and social change. She was diagnosed with ALS at the young age of thirty-eight.  

The story of a powerful Arkansas civil rights leader. Told in his own words. This is a personal account of the struggle for black freedom and equality.

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Piecing Together the Butler Puzzle. Jacksonport Through the Generations, Vol. Eight.


In the Woods. Stories from Lakeshore Road.  Jacksonport Through the Generations,Vol. Nine


Remembering the Great War:

Letters From the Front

A Year Aboard Sankaty

Judy and Markus of Sturgeon Bay, WI gave up their conventional lifestyle when they retired to spend a year living aboard a 36-foot sailboat seaworthy enough for traveling on the ocean. 

The Forest

Excellent and concise explanations of Door County geology, tree anatomy, tree species, lichens, ferns, moss, wildflowers and wildlife are accompanied with delightful photographs taken by the author over all the seasons during the year. A gift book, a souvenir, field guide or photo art book, THE FOREST is a reminder that Door County’s natural beauty is worth celebrating.

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Beauty In Simplicity

Beginning Writer's Workbook

A nonfiction workbook to help beginning writers explore what writing means to them as they develop their skills through practice, play, exercises, experimentation, and exploration.  Based on the online course "Beginning Writers Worksop" offered from 2004-2017 to tens of thousands of beginning writers worldwide.

Everbloom - Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives 

Margaret Philbrick and the women of Redbud Writers Guild give voice to the voiceless in this collection of essays, stories and poetry: intensely personal accounts of transformation, chronicling the journey to find their own voices. Accept the invitation: set out on the journey to find your own voice.

Beauty in Simplicity, is a meditation on beauty and simplicity – as the title says – cast around pottery. Virginia Jones Maher includes writings of artists, designers, architects, and visionaries such as Jens Jensen, Frank Lloyd Wright, William Morris and John Ruskin to create an excellent art history accompanied by stunning color photographs.

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The Love of Hunting Log

Deer hunting stories are treasures that are often shared with family and friends. This book is a sighting and stories journal that hunters can write in about each hunt while in the woods or back at camp.

Herbs Demystified: A Scientist Explains How Herbs Really Work

Herbs Demystified does something entirely different: It explains what herbal molecules do inside our bodies and how they achieve their effects. Phaneuf's introductory overview lays out the basic chemical principles that underlie the journey herbal molecules make in our bodies.

Land Stewardship For Birds

A Guide For Central Texas

In this revised and re-titled edition of Attracting Birds in the Texas Hill Country: A Guide to Land Stewardship, biologist Rufus Stephens and educator Jan Wrede provide a comprehensive update to their popular and practical handbook that focuses on habitat improvement to benefit birds on properties of all sizes in Central Texas. 

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines of the Texas Hill Country: A Field Guide 

This is a handbook with pictures, descriptions, and ranges of over 125 woody plant species living on the Edwards Plateau of central Texas. A introduction discusses the impact of deer, cedar, water oak wilt, and invasive species.


The Cheesehead Devotional

Kickoff Edition

Go to the Packer games, see the action, and meet the players while being drawn to the realities of God’s love and purposes. Fun, inspirational, and even life-changing. Winner of two awards.

The Cheesehead Devotional

Hall of Fame Edition

Walk with Packer greats along the road of adventure, honor, and faith. Judy connects each player, each glorious victory and devastating loss to eternal truths and principles for purposeful living. There’s a Vince Lombardi quote on every page. Winner of six awards.

Dare to Express

Dare to Express is for you if you desire to experience: Self-expression, Self-responsibility,Self-awareness.

Elemental Emotions: An Astrological Exploration in Self Care

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Independence Corrupted: How America’s Judges Make Their Decisions

Judge Schudson understands how judges really make their decisions. He exposes the personal, professional, and political pressures now threatening judicial integrity. 

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On Trial: America’s Courts and Their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children

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Working with Adolescents: A Clinical Guide for Practitioners, 2nd edition.

Noted for its multisystemic–ecological perspective, this accessible text and practitioner resource has now been revised and expanded with 60% new material.

Youth and Their Families, A Guide to Treating Adolescent Substance Use Through Family Systems Therapy

71surBxdQhL._SL1360_ - Julie Laser.jpg

Offers an expanded view of the therapeutic process with a specific focus on the relationship between therapists, adolescents, families, communities, and substance use. 

A ground-breaking work when published years ago, On Trial, still in print, is generally considered the definitive work analyzing how America’s justice systems can enhance sensitivity and gain fairness for abused children.

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Innovative Skills to Increase Cohesion and Communication in Couples

Innovative Skills to Increase Cohesion and Communication in Couples discusses evidence-based clinical techniques and skills that support and nurture couples in their relationship.

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Innovative Skills to Support Well-being and Resiliency in Youth

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Working with Adolescents: A  Guide for Practitioners

It provides current research and theory on adolescent development that can guide both assessment and interventions with youth and their families

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Behind The Door: Profiles of a Peninsula

Derived from the author’s  experience as an award-winning author and photographer, it captures the unique light of the  peninsula’s landscape, and the brilliance of its people.

Innovative Skills to Support Well-Being and Resiliency in Youth also advocates for practice interventions that empower youth to be in charge of their personal well-being and the healing process.

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