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Ann Heyse

Retired English teacher who loves Door County beaches, raspberries, and birds. Believes that words have power. Wishes that everyone valued kindness.


Good Morning, Door County 

2016 Sand Beach Press. 

Children's rhyming picture book. Hardcover, 32 pages. Great souvenir book highlights the best family-friendly activities in Door County. The fun of beaches, the allure of orchards and farm stands, the beauty of our many parks (specifically Peninsula State Park and Cave Point) and historical lighthouses. Additionally, The Farm, The Ridges and the Washington Island Ferry are all named. illustrations by Karen Heyse include a hunt for a cherry on every page.

Good Night, Door County 

2020, Sand Beach Press

A perfect, "moonlight" companion to the author's first book, "Good Morning, Door County," this rhyming children's picture book highlights more family-friendly activities and locations in DoorCounty. The focus in on evening spots and include star gazing at Newport State Park, eating ice cream, watching a drive in movie, attending outdoor theatre, and playing miniature golf. Colorful illustrations by Karen Heyse include a hunt on each page for a firefly.


Drink In Sweet Rain

2021 Sand Beach Press

In her first collection of poems, Ann Heyse speaks with compelling honesty and vulnerability. Four themes emerge: her love of nature, her thoughts on her own experiences, her appreciation of travel, and her desire for justice is a world that lacks it. Overall, her voice is a call to appreciate the beauty. We are left with hope. Soft cover, 64 pages



The Light is Ours

2023, Sand Beach Press

A ship captain with a troubled past. A former slave who fits nowhere. A young woman recovering from tragedy. A wealthy but unethical businessman. All these lives intertwine in 1871-72 at Roundstone Harbor light, a fictional lighthouse set on the Door County peninsula of Lake Michigan. 

Other Works

Articles in National Parks and Educational Leadership
Poems in Bramble, Asterix Journal, Peninsula Pulse, Wisconsin Poet’s Calendar, Avocet and others.

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