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Judy DuCharme

B.A. Communications Arts, Michigan State University, Teacher Certification through UWGB. 5 th Grade teacher at Gibraltar School 22 years, retired in 2012. Has since had 9 books published with numerous awards. Winters in Florida with her husband and son. Loves to visit daughter’s family near Wash. DC. Enjoys hiking, worship and prayer, and cheering the Packers. Her books are available in local retail outlets and on Amazon. Judy recently was awarded First Place in the 2023 Excellence in Marketing, Broadcast Media Awards.


The Cheesehead Devotional, Kickoff Edition

2012, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Go to the Packer games, see the action, and meet the players while being drawn to the realities of God’s love and purposes. Fun, inspirational, and even life-changing. Winner of two awards.

The Cheesehead Devotional:

Hall of Fame Edition

2017, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Walk with Packer greats along the road of adventure, honor, and faith. Judy connects each player, each glorious victory and devastating loss to eternal truths and principles for purposeful living. There’s a Vince Lombardi quote on every page. Winner of six awards.


Lainey of the Door Islands

2020, Ambassador International

Walk with Lainey into the world of Door County and its islands in the late 1800s, a time of shipwrecks, lighthouses, and strong people who never give up. Like an Anne of Green Gables, Lainey grows up in the lighthouses on Pilot and Rock Islands, facing hardship and grand adventures with grace and spunk. Winner of four awards.

Addy of the Door Islands

2022,  Ambassador International

Sequel to Lainey. Addy arrives in Ephraim, WI on the orphan train steamer, but no one awaits her. Determined to care for little sister Molly, her impetuousness gets her in trouble, while feelings of abandonment stalk her heart. Will they ever have a family to love? Will they ever know what happened to their first parents? And who will help the other orphan train kids who are mistreated? Winner of six awards.

Blood Moon Redemption

2019, Ambassador International.

An ancient relic, a puzzling prophecy, and a young woman tied together through the ages . . . riveting, current, historical, and prophetic. Tassie, named for a lost religious relic, doesn’t have time for family legends. Dismissive of the blood moons, she finds herself in the center of worldwide turmoil and a terrorist plot. Winner of seven awards.

Society of the L.A.M.B.

2018, Prism/Pelican Book Group

In a futuristic, somewhat allegorical setting, young people learn to survive in a culture set on retraining or destroying them. With Grandfather’s help at his home high on a bluff, they learn to be strong within and set about freeing those caught up in the web of the watchers. Winner of one award.

Run With the Wind

2018, Prism/Pelican Book Group

Linney lives in Florida scrub assisting her Pa in raising cattle. The new cowman, Cyrus, appreciates the chance to start over. Marrying holds no interest for either, but then, just before Christmas, they find themselves fighting to save the life of a calf, all while discovering the One who can remove fears and provide forgiveness.
Winner of one award.

Christmas Ivy

2018, Prism / Pelican Book Group

It had to be a dream. Ivy's grandparents passed away, but in the family kitchen on Christmas morning, they greet her with the same love and sage advice she'd always known. Their presence captivates reality and brings Ivy to complete confusion.  Could this strange visit truly be the provision for which she longed? Winner of three awards.


I Want A Water Buffalo For Christmas

2021, Ambassador International

This book, geared to the elementary age, is all about giving . . . and LeGory is right in the middle of it. Join the journeys of LeGory, Emma, and Talia to discover a miracle. Complete with vocabulary, discussion questions, and places to give. Winner of four awards.

Other Works

Judy wrote several pieces for "Guideposts" magazine after winning one of their contests. I have two stories in their book, Miracles.  She also hasthree pieces in Room at the Table, a book written by parents of special needs children for families with special needs members.

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